Golf Tournament Player Pouch by Sportwaves

Sportwaves Announces the New Golf Tournament Player Pouch

Every once in a while, something new comes along that’s so simple, so smart, so useful and priced just right, you just can’t wait to get it! This may be one of those times.

“This May Be The Most Useful Golf Tee Gift Ever”

Just in time for fall 2022 golf events and perfect for early birds planning your 2023 schedule, Sportwaves of Lafayette, Colorado is proud to introduce the new Golf Tournament Player Pouch. It’s the golf tee gift that doubles as a must-have organizer for golf tournaments and charity outings.

  • Thoughtful tee gift that golfers appreciate and use
  • High-impact branding for sponsors, hosts & golf courses 
  • Ultimate organizer for Golf Tournament Organizers
  • Unique merch for pro shops, leagues & team gear

The Golf Tournament Player Pouch clips outside the golf bag, giving golfers quick-access to what they need most during play. It’s streamlined to carry just the essentials, to help them keep all focus on the game. 

Little pouch. Big impact.

The Golf Tournament Player Pouch is fully customizable on front and back. Design it yourself using our template or have us design it for you. 

Sportwaves’ exclusive Edge-To-Edge Design™ enables you to dramatically feature photos, sponsor logos and virtually unlimited colors right to the edge of the pouch. Use it to promote your brand like no other product on the planet!

See our design gallery for inspiration to create your own Player Pouch

Increase your GTO superpowers. 

Golf Tournament Organizers: If you want to take it up a notch, we designed the Golf Tournament Player Pouch to give you and your event team the option to pre-load it prior to the outing. 

Event essentials might include things like your event schedule, hole assignment and foursome info, contest information and more. 

Next, tuck in goodies like raffle tickets, drink tokens, lunch tickets, gift cards and pro shop promotions, leaving ample room for golfers to keep their own valuables like keys, wallet and phone. 

Everything they need is nice and tidy, organized and zipped safely in the Player Pouch, yet easily accessible to use when they need it!

Lighten their load.

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, we all know golfers leave tee gifts behind or toss them in their trunks prior to tee-off, in an effort to lighten their load out on the course. But with the Golf Tournament Player Pouch, it’s lightweight, streamlined and designed for them to use all day long. 

Filled with essential information and ready to clip on their golf bag, it’s gone from a disposable novelty to an integral event component they can’t afford to leave back at the clubhouse.

No goodies left behind.

With just one compact pouch pre-loaded with event essentials and extras (think raffle tickets, drink tokens and gift cards), that means fewer things lost, or left-behind.  

Event extras – raffle tickets, drink tokens and sponsor gift cards

Fewer lost or left-behind items cuts down on staff time spent answering basic questions golfers can now answer themselves by having information at their fingertips, and less time hunting down lost items (not to mention fewer visits to the golf course Lost & Found). 

And that means a better golf experience for your players and a better event management experience for you and your event team.

Anything you don’t want golfers to lose at your golf outing, just put it in the Player Pouch

Priced right. Right now.

Right now is the time to buy for this year and next season too! Take 20% OFF our already low wholesale unit price (from $12.45 to $18.95 depending on quantity).  Order now to get this introductory discount by using Promo Code GTAA at check-out.

Click here to learn more or call John at (303) 665-4122 (ext 7) to get samples for your organization, and answer any questions you may have. Shipping is FREE on orders of 36 or more, and delivery is fast. No overseas delays, as the Golf Tournament Player Pouch is made in the USA at Sportwaves in Lafayette, Colorado!

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Questions?  Call (303) 665-4122 ext 7

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